It looks like Victor Valdes has his mind set on departing Barcelona despite having his teammates of the Catalan club trying to persuade him to remain where he is right now. While it still is mystery on why the Spanish goalkeeper will be making his way out of one of the best clubs in the world, Valdes spoke about his current situation.

“When you play as a goalkeeper at Barcelona you have to take more risks than at other clubs,” declared Valdes, then 30, sitting in a room at the Catalans’ training ground. “The team are so attacking and the goalkeeper has to be part of that. Guardiola always told me that I should participate in the team’s play, he helped me interpret football. There were times that I played like a libero under him. I’ve always taken risks, it makes me the goalkeeper I am.”

“It’s hard to imagine wearing another shirt, but I’ve been doing this 11 years,” he said. “One year as Barcelona keeper is like three years at another team. The pressure is immense.”
Valdes will be leaving Barcelona at the end of the current season and when he was asked about his future after that, he stated that it does not only depend on him but reports are suggesting Valdes on making a move to As.Monaco.

Barcelona on the other hand already have a list of players that are considered to be the replacement of Valdes which include Pepe Reina and the 21 years old German goalkeeper Andre ter Stegen who currently plays for Borussia Monchengladbach. Ter Stegen has already denied any interest in extending his current contract with the German club which means that he is eyeing a move to another club in the near future and Barcelona might just be his next destination.