Luis Suarez says that he has learned from his mistakes

Luis Suarez received a 9 match ban for Uruguay which prevented him performing with his national side for over 20 months.

The Uruguayan player received this ban after he bitted Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini during the 2014 World Cup.

This ban just recently expired and the time simply couldn’t have been better as he makes his return to the Uruguayan national football team just in time to play with Uruguay in their 2018 World Cup qualification match as they locked horns with Brazil.

Brazil faced off with Uruguay on March 26 in a match that concluded with a final scoreboard of 2-2. Luis Suarez made his return to Uruguay in this game and he managed to mark his name on the score-sheet as he found the back of the net at the 48th minute.

Suarez has recently talked about his biting incident with Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini and Suarez said that from this point forward, he will be playing more intelligently as the Uruguayan perfomer wants to avoid going through a similar thing.

"I have to be more intelligent in many ways. I am trying to take advantage of the situations life is putting in front of me. I have to do things better and enjoy my return to the national team and the people's kindness.’’

"No-one is going to change the way I play. I am going to have the same attitude. I will still run, still pressure, still argue. However, it will be with moderation and as you have seen me play for Barcelona recently. I have been working over the last few weeks on trying to control my anxiety, my nerves, which people's euphoria can cause, but I am very relaxed." Barcelona’s Luis Suarez said.

Uruguay are currently positioned in 2nd place in the CONMEBOL 2018 World Cup qualifications with 10 points being snatched from the 5 matches that have been played so far.