Is it time to drop Valdes from the starting lineup of Middlesbrough ?

So far, at the time of writing this article, Middlesbrough has played 2 competitive matches which were against Leicester City and Sheffield Wednesday FC.

Middlesbrough had to settle with a goal-less draw against Leicester City but they managed to overcome Sheffield with a convincing 3-0 triumph.

Something to take into consideration from those matches is that Victor Valdes was not featured in any of those games which is a very surprising thing for a player that is consistently taking up the spotlight as the main shot-stopper of the Premier League club.

Victor Valdes is the first choice shot-stopper of Middlesbrough as he has already made 17 starts in the Premier League but considering his recent blunder and the low position of the club, it might be time for the Spanish player to start being dropped to the sidelines.

On December 26 of 2016, Middlesbrough faced off with Burnley in a match that resulted with Burnley just barely being able to edge out a victory and the only goal arrived after a mistake from Victor Valdes as he went all out in an attempt to grab a shot from Andre Grey but he failed to do it and the ball found it’s way into the net.

That was a huge blunder which ultimately led to Middlesbrough losing the entire match and even though it’s only 1 mistake out of all the matches that he has played, considering the fact that they have conceded 22 goals from their opening 20 Premier League matches of the season, it’s clear that something is wrong in the defensive back-line of Middlesbrough and some changes need to be made.

It seems like the manager of Middlesbrough, AitorKaranka is starting to notice this and he has dropped Victor Valdes from the 2 opening matches of 2017 that they have played, it remains uncertain if the Spanish player will be seeing more time on the bench or what will happen but things need to happen in order for Middlesbrough to start climbing spots in the Premier League and snatch a secure position above the relegation zone.