Valdes rumoured to move to Liverpool

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It’s been over 5 months since Victor Valdes has been a free agent after he was released by Barcelona and was expected to join a club in Qatar or the French side As.Monaco but a move could never be completed as he picked up an injury which interfered with the transfer.
It is now believed that Liverpool are looking to add another goal-keeper to their selection as this can increase the competition that exists in between the posts with Simon Mignolet and the defensive structure of Liverpool being put into question on a number of occasions in this start of the season that has seen the team of Brendan Rodgers conceding 9 goals in 6 Premier League matches.
If rumors are indeed true then Victor Valdes will be making a move to Liverpool and joining Anfield in around 2 weeks. Since the former player of Barcelona is currently a free agent, he can find and join any club even though the transfer window is not opened.
Liverpool is being continuously urged and suggested on signing the Spanish goal-keeper as it would only provide the Premier League club with positive consequences as Simon Mignolet will have to perform at his best in every single match in order to secure his goalkeeping position in between the posts. This will be healthy competition for Mignolet who has not been playing so well recently.
This can also provide Brendan Rodgers with more options and further alternatives in goal-keepers whenever it may be needed as the head coach of Liverpool, Rodgers could use another player in that position taking into consideration that his squad is not only competing in the Premier League but also in the Carling Capital One Cup and the Champions League.