Popular sporting events to bet on

This is going to be a great season for sports betting, and whatever your favourite sport might be you should be in for some exciting action.

The Formula One season has got off to an exciting start and is about to move to Europe. If you are not a Red Bull or a Sebastian Vettel fan you will be pleased to see that there is at least some reasonable competition this season. Although Jenson Button has got off to a poor start, there is still plenty of time for him to catch up; perhaps he won’t make champion this season, but will he win any races this season? You bet on it.

This could be the first year since 1936 when a British player wins the Wimbledon Men’s Championship. Although the odds on Murray doing so are a little short at 11/4, it is certainly worth a bet; you will be very pleased with yourself when he collects the trophy. Unfortunately there are no real British contenders for the women’s title, though we do have two women players in the top 50, so betting on either Laura Robson or Heather Watson to win a game or two could be a good move.

Will England win the Ashes? We are definitely betting on it, though it is a little less certain that England will do well at the ODIs or Twenty20 matches. This is a back to back Ashes series, so if we do win in England will we be able to hang on to them in Australia? Betting on an England double would be very exciting if you could find a bookie willing to give you reasonable odds.

With so much sporting action going on, don’t neglect your online casino for some exciting sports themed bets. There is always plenty of sports themes slot games to while away the time. Online betting has become increasingly popular due to the number of technology devices available that allow internet access.

From tablets, to smartphones, there are now a number of sites developed to suit specific technology devices which has expanded to the overall gambling market such as online casinos. In order to combine the market, some online casinos have also integrated popular sports into online slots to attract the wider market. Many slots games now involve popular sports themes such as football and baseball so that sports fan have a combination of casino entertainment and playing to win prizes online.