La Liga more competitive than ever

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Former Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes believes that La Liga has become more competitive in recent years and it is becoming increasingly difficult to win it.

He said that there was a time where only Barcelona and Real Madrid was competing for the title but things have changed in recent years. He said that teams such as Atletico Madrid, Sevilla, and Valencia have all become stronger and making it difficult to win games against.

Victor Valdes believes that this is a good thing as this will boost the popularity of La Liga. He said that there were some complaints in the past that there were only two teams that can win the title and this was destroying the competitive nature of the Spanish League. He said that now things are different and it provides more entertainment for the neutral.

His comments are backed up by the statistics held on demand for tickets on this site - have seen a 7 fold increase in searches for Spanish matches that don't involve the big two sides.

Valdes said that this will force teams such as Barcelona and Real Madrid to improve if they do not want to be caught by their rivals. He said that this will help these two teams raise their level and become even stronger in the Champions League.

Speaking of Barcelona, Victor Valdes said that they have a strong team and that they are the favorite to win the title. However, he admitted that they need to be more consistent as they have dropped some easy points in the championship so far. He said that players such as Suarez and Messi should help lead the team and make sure that they win the games where they are the favorites.

Valdes said that it is normal that smaller teams will want to play defensively against them and it is up to the Barcelona players to make sure that they step up their game in order to score goals so as to win the games.