Barcelona Willing To Offer Contract Extension

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Barcelona FC has made it clear that in case Victor Valdes decides to cancel an away move, the club can think of giving him a contract extension.

Valdes’ contract with Barcelona is going to get finished at the end of this month and the Spaniard was ready to take a free transfer to the French Club Monaco after that, but, unfortunately, the knee injury that he had established in the latter parts of the last Season got worsened and he had to go under the knife. That led Monaco, which was very keen to secure his services, to withdraw its bid.

Apart from Monaco, not too many top clubs have approached Valdes and rightly so because considering his age, his form and fitness can’t be trusted now. So, the veteran shot stopper is now left with no option, but, to decide to stay at Camp Nou. He hasn’t made an official statement in that regard though, but, it is understood that he is thinking in that direction.

Yesterday, when the spokesperson of Barcelona FC, Mr. Manel Arroyo, was asked what would be the reaction of the club board in case Valdes tells them that he is willing to stay, he said, “For Victor, the doors are open all the time. He has been a special player for the club.”

Barcelona has already signed a new goalie in the form of Marc-Andre ter Stegen and they are looking for another one as Jose Manuel Pinto who was Valdes’ understudy last season has also left. They have reportedly bid for Claudio Bravo, the Real Sociedad player, but, if Valdes decides not to leave, then, they might cancel that bid

Valdes has played more than 500 matches for Barcelona so far in his career.